Computer virus hits Massachusetts labor department

A computer virus has hit the Massachusetts labor department. According to this article the unemployment network was struck by a virus. This virus weakened the system and made the system penetrable by hackers to access private information the unemployed had on file.

As if the unemployed didn’t have enough to worry about now they have to worry about there information being accessed and used for nefarious purposes. The virus has various forms including “MS Removal Tool, Antivirus 2011 or System Tool 2011″ according to the article. Over 200,000 unemployed workers had there information compromised.

Hopefully in the future further precautions will be taken and the information wont be as easily compromised. These workers are out of work and the last thing they need is someone mounting thousands of dollars in debt in their name.


One thought on “Computer virus hits Massachusetts labor department

  1. That would be a kick-in-the-teeth. To have your identity stolen from the unemployment office. It is the poor people who get beat up the worst. Could you imagine if the Massachusetts State Senate or House of Representatives would have gotten hacked? It would be all over the news for weeks. Instead, this showed up on the internet news for a day or two.

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