New cyber strategy for the pentagon

“The five strategic initiatives detailed by the Department of Defense (DoD) include:

  1. DoD will treat cyberspace as an operational domain to organize, train, and equip so that DoD can take full advantage of cyberspace’s potential.
  2. DoD will employ new defense operating concepts to protect DoD networks and systems.
  3. DoD will partner with other U.S. government departments and agencies and the private sector to enable a whole-of-government cybersecurity strategy.
  4. DoD will build robust relationships with U.S. allies and international partners to strengthen collective cybersecurity.
  5. DoD will leverage the nation’s ingenuity through an exceptional cyber workforce and rapid technological innovation.”

This article was posted back in July so it’s slightly dated but still relevant for this blog. In the ever changing and evolving cyber world; defenses are getting smarter and stronger, however, so are the hackers. The five strategic initiatives I posted above are very general strategies but you can read more in depth information on each strategy here:
It is interesting to hear about how some of the most significant networks and their data are being protected from malicious activity.

“Our responsibility is to acknowledge this new environment and adapt our security instruments to it.  That is the purpose of the DoD Cyber Strategy.”

On the other hand, I feel that by publicly describing and posting these strategies it slightly comprises their security. Security buffs aren’t the only people reading these articles; but, the hackers are as well. Even though these are extremely vague descriptions it might give the right(or wrong) person the edge he or she needs to exploit a security system.

“We must prepare.  We must recognize the interconnectedness of cyber.  And we must be mindful of the many ways cyberspace is used–as a peaceful instrument of global communications, as a tool for economic growth–and, also, as an instrument to threaten and sometimes cause harm,”


2 thoughts on “New cyber strategy for the pentagon

  1. Yep, it’s an arms race, essentially. Any time a strong attack comes along, a strong defense has to come to counter, which provokes an improved attack and so forth. Honestly, I can’t imagine cyberspace will ever be “safe” really. That’s why the field of information security is so strong (from a perspective of someone hoping to get a job in the field some day).
    You do make a good point, though, along the lines of “Why the hell are we announcing our battle plan?” I’ve always wondered that too. We tend to announce almost anything we do as a nation. Unfortunately, they know people want to know, and thus feel the need to divulge information. Happens in numerous things, it’s not surprising (though no less perplexing or frustrating). Though, in their defense, these are indeed vague. It’s almost common sense what they’re saying here. Generally, what I’m seeing is, “We’re beefing up security with new techniques and technologies.” I’m sure the hackers anticipated this, as the only way for the government to defend against the attacker (read: hackers) is to improve security via new methods (such as… techniques and technologies).

  2. I couldn’t agree with the both of you more. Why must something like this be announced? I understand announcing plans to improve a road or update a government building, after all we as tax payers have the right to know where our money is going. When it comes to defense however, I am happy staying in the dark and allowing the people with clearance decide how the DoD spends their budget. It all seems counterproductive; it’s like giving the hackers a head start. For those of you that are sports people, to me it’s like a baseball picture telling the batter what pitch he’s going to throw before he delivers it, or a football defense telling their opponent their game plan before the game starts. I don’t get it.
    Oh by the way everyone I am going away for thanksgiving and my house will be empty. I’ll lock the doors but the backdoor sometimes sticks and can be pushed open. My computer will be on my desk in the office but since you don’t know my passwords I’m sure everything will be safe.

    Do you all think I’m an idiot now?!?!? Sometimes I think the government works like that. the way I will be home for thanksgiving…and so won’t my big dog.

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