Sony Network Breach

Attacks last week from Friday to Monday on Sony’s network where discovered after a “small amount” of user names and passwords were acquired by hackers. Sony says that “credit card information was not at risk during this attack”. Although i don’t know a lot about Sony’s PSN(Play Station Network) database I will say that usually when you have access to a users user name and password you have access to all the information on the account. After these attacks were confirmed as unauthorized, Sony locked the accounts and sent users emails that their accounts had been locked due to unwarranted infiltration. Sony is now working with many users who have seen unauthorized charges on their accounts. They say that “the accounts that have unauthorized charges will be replaced” and they are “giving affected users a $1 million identity theft insurance policy and free games. It also gave all PSN members affected by the outage access to PlayStation Plus for a month.” After all of this Sony’s reputation has been damaged and the future doesn’t look so bright for Sony economically as this is the second attack that has happened in two months.;contentBody


3 thoughts on “Sony Network Breach

  1. And free games. Clearly, an important way to make up for this.

    But, in all seriousness, the fact that this is the second time this has happened implies that there’s a fairly serious problem. The fact that they dealt with it swiftly is good, though not unexpected since it wasn’t the first time. I’m curious how these hackers are getting the account usernames/passwords. If it’s a hole in the PSN system itself, that’s fairly concerning, and needs to be dealt with before anything else happens. But if it’s more on the user end, social engineering attacks basically, then perhaps that two-factor authentication is in order. It does bother me, however, that people could hand over their info so easily (assuming it was the users giving up their info).

  2. I think is is more from a technical stand point and that the perpatrators were able to find vulnerabilities in the system and break into it from there. Once they were in the shouldnt really have a problem finding all the information they need in order to have credit card number adresses d.o.b ect.

  3. I personally believe that the attacks go through network weaknesses rather than social engineering. Its not like these hackers become friend with each PSN user go to their house try to login to the network while their friends are getting a beer and shout “what was your password dude?”

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