New apps for parents to keep their children safe on the internet


Nowadays several parents are concerned with their children’s safety while they are using the internet. However, parents do not have to worry any longer, because there are now apps out there to help parents protect their children while on the computer. One new security app available for purchase to help prevent cyber attacks is called BullGuard Mobile Security. This app works to protect children on the internet by allowing parents to be able to monitor and access their children’s internet activity. This allows young children and teenagers to be a little more safe as there parents will now be able to monitor what they do while online to ensure that they are safe and are not victims of cyber bullying or other computer crimes. Also, there is another app called Glympse which allows parents to be able to view the location of their children at various times of day. The app basically works by using an interactive map that will coincide with their daily schedule to show where there children are located. Moreover, there is also an app that will allow parents to send an alert out about their children in the case that they happen to become kidnapped or go missing. This works by allowing users to upload a profile about there children to alert local community residents of their child’s disappearance. In my opinion, these apps are a great idea for parents to be able to keep their children safe and to prevent them becoming a victim to a horrific crime.


6 thoughts on “New apps for parents to keep their children safe on the internet

  1. I think those are all good ideas for parents with children, but the Glympse program seems like it could pose a security concern if the wrong person were to get ahold of someone’s location information. If I had kids, I would definitely look into the security behind a program like that before using it.

  2. I am not so sure I love the idea of tracking your kids. sure it works fine in right hands but what if it falls into the wrong hands? All of a sudden there is a third person who knows where you are and your schedule and also your children.

  3. drh9473 – I can definitely see where using the Glympse app could be a security concern for some parents. For example, if some one were to hack into that app then it would be a major safety concern for parents and their children. Also, i think that for the most part this app has good intentions but it could also potentially lead to some problems for its users.

  4. comchic – I can definitely see where you are coming from, because of course all parents want to protect there children, some of these apps may be helpful but may also pose some security problems. I think that most of these apps will allow parents to try to protect their children, but in some cases they might not work.

  5. Unfortunately news related to this issue always makes me wonder how hard it is to leash another human being. Just because sheep can fall off a cliff should not mean the shepherd should not take them out to grass.

  6. I don’t think with these apps thought that the children will be on a leash by their parents though. The parents will merely use these apps to just monitor their children to make sure that they do not become a victim to any type of attack.

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