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So, I see a lot of people just posting news.  Where’s all the personal stories?

Well, I’ve got one (or two, if you want to count them separately).  Recently, I’ve had two social engineering attempts launched against me.  Was pretty funny, really.  First was a phishing attempt, claiming to be from a company of an online game I play.  They said there was an issue with my account and needed to log in to validate my account, and failure to do so would cause my account to be locked or banned.  Seemed legit, though the claims as to why I needed to validate my account were kind of sketchy, until I read the link they had.  The URL they provided was the same as the one for my game, except an ” L ” (lower case, did upper case for the sake of reading it easier) was replaced by a ” 1 “.  Heh, nice try, engineer.  Better luck next time.

Second, the hacker spoofed an e-mail account I knew and said something along the lines of “This is an thing, it can totally change your life!  Leave that boring life of hard work for a life of luxury!” (Heh, hilarious)  The link was to some site I never heard of.  But really, that’s not what tipped me off.  First, the fact that this person who’s e-mail it supposedly was doesn’t use that e-mail anymore, plus he doesn’t talk the way the e-mail spoke.  More importantly, however, the e-mail was sent to numerous people, ranging from myself and some family, to his high school teachers, to Youtube’s support e-mail address.  Hmm…  Can anyone tell me if this is legit or possibly some form of fraud…?  Haha.


2 thoughts on “Social engineering attempt

  1. Yea, my friend recently had some trouble with a social engineering scammer who called his phone. The person claimed that he was from mcrosoft and required some personal information because there was a “major security update for his system”.

    My friend told him not to call his phone number, and hung up. The scammer kept calling back and threatened him, and eventually he had to temporarily disconnect his phone number for a few days to deter the scammer from constantly calling…

  2. This happend to me too! But, it was my account that the emails were coming from. Somehow “they” used my email account to send out an advertisement for a sale on electronics at some random website I never heard of. I checked my sent emails and I saw that it went out to all my contacts. I only got one reply from my high school tecaher but, still its embarassing. Also, I had an assistant dean’s email in my contact list and yeah..not cool. I sent him an email of apology.

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