Fake Android Netflix App Steals Account Information

Fake vs Real Netflix Android App

Source: Symantec

As people begin to use their cell phones for more than just calling and texting, such as playing games and streaming movies, hackers have begun to find ways to exploit this applications to be able to steal information from users. Currently there is a Netflix mobile app that is currently circulating, that though look like the legit Netflix app, in fact is a Trojan that steals your account information.

According to a Symantec blog post the fake app with ask you to login with your account information, after doing so will send your information to a remote server and then display a message on your cell phone that there is an incompatibility issue and then attempts to uninstall itself.

Even though it is unclear what the hackers plans to do with this information, seeing that Netflix is a movie streaming application and on the website it only shows the last four digits of credit card numbers, it is hard to say what they will use this information for. Now though for those people out their that use the same information to login into every website with, same email address as your username and same password for everything, with this information that the hacker stole he could figure out other sites you travel to and use those credentials to log in and presume your identity on those sites.

The problem that Symantec said with the Netflix app and why it was such a great target for this exploit was because there was such a gap in availability earlier in the year, combined with the large interest of users attempting to get the popular service running on their Android device, this created the perfect cover for Android.Fakeneflic to run. This should be said people should be careful where they get their apps and download them from trusted sources only, and have antivirus and anti-malware on their devices as well. There is a picture above that shows the real Netflix app and the fake Netflix app.


5 thoughts on “Fake Android Netflix App Steals Account Information

  1. I have the netflix android app so reading this made me go double-check my app! Luckily i do have the real one but that’s one of the bad things about the open-source android market. Apps aren’t screened like they are in the apple store.

  2. Yeah that is one of the down sides of the Android Market is that it is so open source you never know what could on it, though in my reading it didn’t mention that the download was from the android market but instead was a download from a blog to be able to get the Netflix app for your phone when it wasn’t already released yet. And even if you had it, if you were using it then it is a legit version. The one I am referring to is one that just lets you put in account information and then it tries to uninstall itself.

  3. This is an interesting post because this is a great security threat to android users while they are downloading specific apps on their cell phones. I also wonder if any other android apps have ever gotten hacked into before. With this blog post I wonder if now the Android store will actually start screening their apps like the apple stores does to prevent another one of their apps from being hacked.

  4. I think it is in the interest of the Android Market, and its survival, to start screening its apps that they are posting in it to make sure they are legit and not malware or hacks. And it is in the best interest of all people to make sure that their android has some form of antivirus on it.

  5. That’s why my phone doesn’t have the Internet. Who’s really gonna watch an entire movie on a 2 x 1″ screen? An application for use with a legitimate business like Netflix should be vetted by the phone company first.

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