Hackers infiltrate major companies

Black Hat Security Conference recently went on. They convened to discuss hack attempts in the past year and future. McAfee revealed that a single hacking group referred to as Shady Rat had infiltrated over seventy companies and governments. Forty two of these were in the US. This surprising show of force has prompted an uproar in the security field it seems as people scramble to try and fix what has been exploited. The majority of hacks are still failing the convention says, but the sophistication is increasing rapidly. Who knows they are definitely a group to watch for in the future.

They went on to say that Shady Rat infiltrated organizations by attaching a specific ad link to an email. When opened they would get a direct connection into the system and be able to manipulate it from behind the scenes. In this way they get free access for long periods of time. The study stated that most hackers stayed inside a system for twelve to twenty-eight months. Insane stuff to think that hackers can occupy a company server for so long without being caught.

Resource: http://www.federaltimes.com/article/20110804/IT01/108040301/1035/IT01


One thought on “Hackers infiltrate major companies

  1. This is exactly why people need to watch what e-mails they are opening. In fact I think that work e-mails should only be used for work so if the e-mail had anything to do with something other than work it should have been deleted immediately and those occurrences wouldn’t have happened. However, I know people wouldn’t follow such a rule so overall you just need to be much more careful.

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