Risk Assessment: Motor Vehicle

Description: A great piece of machinery that allows for us to travel much farther distances than we would normally be able to.


Assets/Security Goals:

  • Fast mode of transportation
  • Shelter while traveling
  • Used in racing(entertainment)
  • Gives jobs to people(mechanics/dealers)
  • Keep someone relatively safe in a crash


Potential Adversaries/Threats/Weakness:

  • Bad weather/road conditions
  • Rust
  • Thieves/burglars
  • Animals
  • Other drivers
  • Lack of security beyond locks and alarm
  • Crash


Possible Defenses:

  • Driving safer
  • Keeping your vehicle in a garage
  • Keep vehicle up to date with breaks and tires to avoid unnecessary accidents


Risk Map



It is show that most risks for motor vehicles are on the severe side. However the likelihood for most of them are not as high and most of them have to do with crash and burglary being the only two big things that could happen to your car with everything else just be things that cause those two. Almost everyone has a car and they just need to make sure that they drive safe and keep it safe. Cars don’t have the best security but as long as you don’t leave it parked a block from your house where you can’t hear the alarm you should be fine, even though a garage would be the best place for it.