Risk map – ATM machines

For this week's blog i decided to respond to what we talked about in class, regarding analyzing and 
creating risk maps for various things. The idea of creating risk maps is a helpful tool and should be 
used in the creation of basically anything, as it allows us to understand what could potentially go 
wrong and helps us to plan ahead to avoid various problems. I have chosen ATM machines as my subject 
because it is high risk and yet a vital machine that a lot of people depend on, on a dialy basis. ATM 
machines are almost necessary even in an age where most people are using cards for most transactions, 
but sometimes cash is necessary, and even though I am charged a fee by both my bank and the atm, I 
find myself still using them due to the fact that they are conveniently place in most 
banks/restaurants/gas stations. 
For atm machines, security is the name of the game, there are a lot of potential dangers for an atm 
machine. First and foremost you must find a secure location that also has high traffic volumes. The 
location needs to be easily and conveniently accessible by the public, but also profitable for the 
company. If the atm is outside then you must worry about things like weather, graffiti, and potential 
risk to people who are using it while exposed to an open area. Inside or outside the atm is 
vulnerable to general abuse from the public and that must be taking into consideration when designing 
the machine itself, it should be durable and able to handle the volumes of people using it. I also 
wanted to blog on this so that i could include the technical risks involved, including hackers who 
can setup skimmers, and take personal information from someone who has used that machine. The atm can 
be considered a risk to all parties involved and can harm the people who own it, who store it at 
there location, and to the people who use it. 
The atm is prone to a lot of different risks, but has some pretty basic defenses that can keep it 
safe and intact. Most atms have a camera built into it and if it is in a place of business then it 
can easily be watched, but if it's in a crowded place then it is still vulnerable. I don't have any 
risk maps drawn out but i wanted to name off a few and where they fit in. 
1. Graffiti: medium likelihood (based on location and if its outside), low risk.
2. Weather: Again depends on location but for the most part low likelihood, low risk.
3. People abusing the atm: low likelihood, high risk.
4. Hackers: low likelihood, very high risk.
5. Getting mugged: low-medium likelihood (depends on area), high risk.