Smartphone Use by Military

With the military trying to incorporate the use of smartphones on the battlefield, many critics are becoming more worried about potential data breaches or attacks that could occur on the military’s networks. One researcher pointed out that enemies could track the movements of troops or steal sensitive military information. Also, malicious software aimed at smartphones is on the rise, and that could have a bad impact on the military.
Smartphones are already a target and the use of smartphones by the military could make it a BIGGER target. To help with the issue, Symantec Corp. is working on a product called ‘O3,’ to provide security for wireless military networks. Also, the military will have its own online application store.

The use of smartphones in battle may be useful, but is it worth the risk? Even though companies are coming up with security solutions, there is always one person out there that is capable of bypassing all the security. The possibility of the enemy tracking the location of troops makes it very risky. Also, the idea of the military using smartphones brought a funny picture to my head; a soldier Facebooking in the middle of battle. It’s most likely that it will never happen, but you never know.

The military using smartphones? What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Smartphone Use by Military

  1. I really hope that they would find a way to make themselves untraceable because otherwise the phones are not worth having. They would put our troops at too much of a risk and they would more than likely fail their mission.

  2. That is exactly what I was talking about in my latest post. It’s reckless behavior and I don’t understand how there isn’t much more public outrage against these behaviors. 

    • I wasn’t able to check out the original article (site was down), but if they can secure the transmissions, why not use the smart phones during operations? If you think of the smart phone as a tool (a portable computer), rather than a toy, I can see where it would make sense. If the phones have military related apps, it is a way of putting situational awareness in soldier’s hands. Situational awareness super-important to the military. Also, the smart phone is a platform that most people are accustomed to using. If the soldier on the ground can use the smart phone to receive secure, streaming video of the bad guys on the other side of the building, I say use it.

  3. You would think the government and the military have their own devices that are better suited for their combat environment. Devices with more specified security and applications. Besides that smart phones crap out all the time. Do you really need your android phone freezing in a critical situation? Or an apple phone that has adaptability issues? This is a stupid idea in my opinion and I hope it’s just a publicity stunt for smart phones. They say that the military is at least 10 years ahead with technology, it’s stories like these that debunk that statement.

  4. I’m all for something that would help our solders in battle, but I feel our solders already take enough risks, and this is not worth the risks. There’s always holes in security, even if they find a way to protect these phones, how can we be sure the enemy never finds a way past that security.. Also the first thing that came to my mind was that this sounds really expensive

  5. The military doesn’t build their devices, defense contractors do. And it costs less to use “commercial, off-the shelf” technology because all the testing, research and development is already paid-for.
    Granted, ruggedized and uber-secure versions will be needed for field use. But at the large, logistics and support bases, secure versions of commercial phones could improve efficiencies. Not all the military people over there carry guns. Alot of people are needed to move bombs, bullets, and beans.

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