Survey says upper managers weak on security issues

A new survey released by McAfee this past week highlighted data center security in 147 companies. 60% of the IT professionals surveyed said their own managers did not understand security concerns. At the same time, 40% said that they did not believe their company’s security was adaquate.

Some other interesting information was included in the survey as well. A large number of companies use security products from seven or more different developers. The majority said that reducing that amount did not increase security. For companies that had their security compromised in the past, 70% said the attack originated from outside their networks.

The survey also asked about cloud computing. 80% of professionals surveyed said security is priority one when going to a public cloud. Not suprisingly, most seemed to prefer a private cloud, with 60% saying security would not be an major obstacle.

The most important lesson to learn from this survey is the centralization of security policies. Company wide security policies should be developed by a core group of IT professionals and forwarded to management for aproval.


One thought on “Survey says upper managers weak on security issues

  1. I think we’ll begin to see manager positions requiring more security knowledge in general as this market continues to rise. It might even get to a point where it’s required. After all, managers are a pivotal position for security and we all know that you’re as secure as your weakest link. I foresee corporations making this a bullet mark for all personnel as time goes on.

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