Duqu the cyberweapon

A new piece of malware has been discovered recently, going by the name Duqu. This program has been shown to look very similar to the one that sabotaged Iran’s nuclear reactors.

This malware, however, is different then Stuxnet (the malware that attacked Iran’s nuclear reactors) in that instead of causing havoc, it was designed to spy and steal sensitive data, also logging keystrokes. Symantec believes all of this could just the foundation for a cyber attack. So as of now, its just in the “gathering information” stage.

Duqu has attacked a few organizations already, the earliest detection dating back to December of 2010. However, there have been multiple variations found, leading Symantec to believe this malware has conducted far more spying then originally thought. No one knows, as of yet, who is being this piece of malware.

Not much is known at all about this malware, and for it being out for so many months still with many unanswered questions, that’s cause for some great concern. If a cyber attacker were able to sabotage a country’s nuclear reactors so easily, they could easily wreak havoc on the entire planet.


One thought on “Duqu the cyberweapon

  1. This is a scary prospect. We’re basically talking about a person who could set the world ablaze, just to watch it burn if he so desires. I would hope there wouldn’t be people like that, but I assume there to be.
    Now, I don’t know how the systems for these reactors are interconnected, or connected to the world, but wouldn’t it be prudent to be able to isolate the system from the outside for a time? This would be at least a possibility to prevent unwanted attacks from the outside. There are other risks with this, I would assume, but having someone else controlling the reactor isn’t a good thing.

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