How much is too much? Cyber stalking.

One topic we have discussed was the idea of cyber stalking with things like Facebook.  The information is presented on the internet publicly, thus it’s public information.  Most wouldn’t question you for looking up a friend from grade school, seeing what they’re up to, etc.  But would someone question your motives if you decided to check on a person for a specific purpose?  Is it too much to check on a person you have a crush on, to see their status before deciding to ask them out?  Is it wrong to check on a rival in a field (take your pick) to see how they’re doing, and to measure your own progress?

My point here is, when do you cross the line?  Where is the point where you stop just looking at public information, and begin stalking?  Or is it just variable levels of stalking?


4 thoughts on “How much is too much? Cyber stalking.

  1. That is a tough question to answer because most of us do it all the time. Take Facebook for a example it only takes an interesting profile picture for me to start poking around into someones picture that I know absolutely nothing about. I am not necessarily stalking but am just browsing like I would do a magazine that caught my attention in Walmart and put back before i reach the counter.

  2. I think that “stalking” people on facebook is a very odd thing to do. But if the person is granting you acess to their profile through being their friend or not having their privacy settings turned up then I dont think they are doing the best they can to protect themseleves and their fore risk the possibility of getting “creeped on”.

  3. Personally i don’t like social networking sites. I try not to use them much. My opinion is that if a person puts something on a social networking site they should be fine with sharing that with the world. I don’t think its really stalking because for example, Say the person gave this information on a stage in front of thousands of people, just because you were one of the people in the crowed that listened doesn’t make you a stalker. And just because you read some stuff on their Facebook that they posted to be seen doesn’t make you a stalker.

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