Siri on iphone 4

When iPhone 4gs first came out Apple rather than the hardware Apple focused on one fact and one fact only. The new phone had personality. It was a nice marketing point since there were many phones that had dual core processors, even better cameras and memory. Although Iphone 4gs made use of a technology that has been around for a great while now, to be exact  since 1952, it made a huge impact on all iPhone and android users. The technology is full of flaws but this is the only almost perfect version of voice recognition. The marketing point of the new phone, which made iphone 4 users jealous raised one question, can iphone 4 users make use of Siri. There are several blogs and conflicting ideas on the issue and there are several coders from jail breaking sphere who are racing to become the first person to draft Siri to iPhone 4. Although some spheres say that voice recognition requires dual core processor A5 chip, there are some videos that uses Siri on iPhone 4 without any speed issues or delays. The fact is although Siri will soon be made available for iPhone 4 users, some features of Siri rely on Apple servers. Existing servers, in some cases are not enough simply for iPhone 4gs users and the servers are not processing data received from non 4gs phones. Many coders are also working on the issue to disguise other phones as 4gs phones so their Siri can also talk to Apple servers. Other than the server issue Siri seems to be portable into other Apple phones. Apple seems to be buying time to sell their new phones before someone exploits the beta software. As soon as Siri becomes available on iPhone 4 we will post it on this blog.


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  1. The fact that apple says that voice recognition requires dual core processor A5 chip is a lie, just to sell more of their Iphone 4S. All of siri’s voice processing is done off-device on Apple’s servers and requires a data connection, whether it be 3g or WiFi. Barley any processing is even being done on the phone it’s self.

    • That is unfortunately true that Apple does not want the customers to know that Iphone 4 can run Siri. There are similar arguments and there are facts that people were able to run the mainframe of Siri on their Iphone 4 devices and they are getting ready to publish it for jail broken phones. About the off device thing, it is true that most job is being done on Apple servers, which makes it harder to put an Iphone 4 to work on Siri but I do not believe it is impossible.

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