Laptop Shoulder Surfing

Privacy problems with using laptops in public has always been a concern. As we all know, a low tech way to hack a laptop is to simply peer at the laptop while the owner uses it. I’ve personally have seen a fair share of laptops being used in public with no consideration of those around them. A big problem I think is just human psychology. While a person is engaged in using their laptop, their mind is in that mode and everything around them is a separate world.

What people really should do is put more thought into preventive measures. They sell many different privacy filters these days that are made of a type of plastic using microlouver technology. They have gotten better since they first came out. Nowadays they work well enough that someone sitting next to you will not be able to make out your screen.

Then the question comes up, what about someone behind me? Well you need to make sure you use a laptop in public where your back won’t be exposed to others. Like sitting in a corner or near a wall of some sort. That is unless you have snuggie security.

Who knew snuggie security idea could be an answer?

There is the everywhere security model.

The side security model

and the keyboard security model

Would you use snuggie security? or do you guys think there is a better way out there to keep your laptop privacy, other than the things I have mentioned.


5 thoughts on “Laptop Shoulder Surfing

  1. The snuggie security is pretty funny! I’d be freaked out if I saw someone using one.. I think people should just be more aware of their surroundings, if they are checking important email, opening private information, etc. then look around and make sure people aren’t in the vicinity to watch your computer usage..

  2. The snuggie is pretty weird, however i do think its a good idea. Unfortunately people will propably mistake you for doing malicious things and looking suspicious. I think it is more socially exceptable to get a privacy screen and be a little paranoid, then go in the direction of the snuggie.

  3. Sometimes the best solution is the easiest one, and that is if your doing something that is at all mildly confidential don’t do it in public. The least you could do is have your back to a wall or something. That way you don’t need to buy any useless trinkets and you maintain your security. Sure, sometimes that might not always be an option available to you but at that point I guess you’d need to ask yourself is what I need to do that important that I need to do it right now, or at least be aware of your surroundings. A little vigilance goes a long way towards stopping this issue.

  4. I think that the snuggie security is a pretty amusing idea, because i would be kind of weird to go into a public place seeing everyone hiding their computer screens using a snuggie. The idea could be productive and useful to prevent shoulder surfing, but i believe that it would be hard to convince people to actually use snuggie security. Most people might feel weird or awkward hiding their computer screens using a snuggie so I think that there are probably better and more effiecient ways to prevent shoulder surfing that more people would be wiling to actually use.

  5. Snuggie security definitely looks like an effective way to prevent shoulder surfing, however, I feel that it won’t really take off because the way it looks, especially the one shown in the first image. Aesthetics do not seem to have been dwelled upon for too long in its creation, though of course as anyone can see, its design purpose was certainly met.

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