New Gmail Design Leaks

Some of the new designs that Google is planning on adding to Gmail were accidentally revealed when a video was inadvertently posted on YouTube Thursday. The video was removed, but not before people were saving the video and re-uploading it the video website. The youtube user “crlsndrsjmnz” had copied the video and re-posted it through his account.

I personally believe that it may have been intentional for google to post the video, to better advertise their gmail, but it shows how fast information could travel on the internet. Within hours of the video being uploaded and removed from google, it had been copied and duplicated from other users. This provides a good example of personal information that could be posted online, and how fast it could be stolen and duplicated.


2 thoughts on “New Gmail Design Leaks

  1. Sadly Google has been having issues doing proper launches of products. I guess launching a new theme is easier.

  2. I saw the video before they got it taken down. Apparently they said the video was intended to be set as ‘private’ on YouTube. I’d say though that’s the most professionally done “leak” that I’ve ever seen.

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