Hacker groups take justice into their own hands

In a move I’d definitely support hacking group Anonymous recently hacked child porn sites and stole their info and published the names of the newly crowned pedophiles. This is a bold display of hacking and shows how far they can actually go to change things. The problem here seems to be the brutal nature of the hack which is technically illegal, but since the site itself is hosting illegal content its somewhere in the gray area on this one at least.

This almost seems like a good pr move for them. They are showing how hackers can benefit society and they are really showing that they intend to take these sites off the net. I also find it interesting that this group goes about attacking websites and revealing users in such a systematic way that there hacking must be sophisticated to a level beyond my imagination. It will be interesting to see what they do in the future to progress this crusade because the peoples response seemed really positive towards them. Good to see something that’s viewed as back alley illegal, even though its still used by governments, used for good.