Ipad 2 security threat




We all thought that the new Ipad 2 would be a pretty secure device, but it is actually harder to break into than many people thought it would be. It has been recently discovered that people can actually break into an Ipad 2 while the device is locked with a passcode. For example, someone can break into your Ipad 2 using an Apple Smart Cover or even a magnet from their refrigerator. While pressing the power button on your device a person can use a magnet to slide along the edge of the screen to unlock your Ipad. Now that they have unlocked your device that can see what app you were last using when you left your device and they can also view all of your apps on your device. The criminals are not going to be able to gain full access to your device but it just shows you that your Ipad isn’t as secure as you probably thought it was. At this point in time, Apple has found a solution to this problem, where the owner of the device must toggle off the unlock feature on the device so that an intruder cannot view all of their apps. This isn’t a major threat to Ipad 2 owners, but it just goes to  show you that nowadays we believe that all of our electronic devices are completely safe when really sometimes they are not.