Police data leaked by Anonymous again

On late friday, Anonymous posted a notice on Pastebin claiming that it had leaked more information by hacking into websites such as the International Chiefs of Police, the Boston Police Patrolmens’ Association, and the law enforcement agencies in Alabama’s Birmingham and Jefferson Counties. This post from late friday was deleted off of Pastebin, though a different one appeared on saturday.

Saturday was the opening of the opening conference of The International Association of Chiefs of Police. The leaked information includes internal documents, membership rosters, Social Security Numbers, addresses, passwords, and other personal data.

Anonymous says that though the IACP conference was saturday, that day is also going to be the start of the Day of Action Against Police Brutality. Though Anonymous had done the same thing, with the release of data pertaining to the Arizona Department of Public Safety in June, they are continuing to leak sensitive data of other police and public safety organizations stating that they had little concern for the safety of those whose information it had made available with the most recent leak.Anonymouse state, this being their reasoning, that they had no problem targeting police and releasing their information even if it puts them at risk because they wanted them to experience just a taste of the brutality and misery they serve them on an everyday basis.

This latest action was also meant to show support for those arrested and charged with being members of the collective. Anonymous claims that they are conducting peaceful protests. Now is this really how it is going to last, or could this information that was leaked lead to something else happening which could end up in future bigger problems down the way. If these hacker groups keep posting this private information on the internet for the world to see, what could happen if a real criminal got a hold of this information at used it to get revenge on a law enforcement officer or other things like that. How far is this going to go?


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  1. So how do you really feel about them doing this? Is anonymous justified in the actions they’ve taken against the police? It seems to me that anonymous is filling the void left by groups such as the Black Panthers and taking a more involved action then groups like CopWatch. In my opinion they are completely in the right to target the police and its shame that we don’t have more groups challenging the (illegitimate) authority of the police.

    Here lets take a look at some of the internal communications that were leaked:

    “Subject: Stupid Bitch

    That stupid bitch who started that stolen car chase at Yale and 610 got what she deserved (I’ll bet she was fat and black too). Same with that pervert that got shot by the county. Fuck that guy, see ya. That all sounds like good police work to me. Those folks got the criminal cure. It’s guaranteed, they will never commit a crime again.”

    So already we’ve started off with casual misogyny and racism. Or how about this fine email about “Muslim Inbreeding”

    “Subject: 1,400 years of inbreeding among Muslims
    View As Web Page
    Subj: 1,400 years of inbreeding among Muslims
    Read the article and make up your own mind. JHB
    Hi everyone, this very interesting one came in tonight maybe it explains some of why the radical Muslims act so unreasonably brutal. Are the fact true? Don’t know but if it is true that they have as a common practice of marrying first cousins, all kinds of problems can erupt. OK, I looked at all my “hoax sites” but couldn’t find anything. But, just typing “1,400 years of inbreeding among Muslims” on Google results in a large number of articles discussing this topic. Is Bryan Fischer for real? Yep, See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bryan_Fischer and other sites about him.
    Doc <
    Anyway, here's the article that came in:
    I admit that I have not studied the Koran or Quroan or whatever it is, nor do I intend to !! I was subjected to enough of of their total nonsense as only a casual observer in their part of the world 😦 …. I only forward this for your reading pleasure and to add to our understanding of the Muslim world. Sharing my opinion that they need to stay in their own sandbox instead of trying to inflict their insane beliefs and religion upon civilized people. (Shucks, now they will call me an infidel)
    ….. JD"

    This is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the kind of internal communication at police departments. I've already heard the most common argument about this and its usually something like "Well these are just internal communications that they never meant for outsiders to see!". But these paint a picture of a police force that's racist, misogynistic and homophobic. If they feel that these kind of opinions are ok to express in a work environment then are these really the people we want protecting us? Are they even actually doing that? Or are they just looking out for the few that fit their worldview, i.e. white middleclass males.

    Besides its about time the police got a taste of their own medicine.

    Illegal searches:



  2. Whether you agree with what Anonymous does or not, you have to be concerned with a law enforcement agency (of any sort) being vulnerable to such an attack. Anonymous may be doing it for ‘a good reason’ (again depending on your point of view) but that fact remains that if they are able to do it, how many times has someone done this with not so good intentions. I can see several reasons how this could be bad for us all. Even if you don’t have a criminal record the simple fact that your local police can be compromised in such a manner is a concern. What about personal information about the police officers themselves. Imagine if a criminal group had the home addresses of all the officers on the force. Would we expect those officers to perform the same way knowing that their families could be in jeopardy? If information can be compromised what about evidence? You would think evidence would not be on any sort of system that could be hacked at all…but then again you would think the same about internal documents. I’m sure surveillance videos, wire taps and the like are all kept digitally. I don’t think it’s a stretch to think a hacker could be hired by large criminal organization to compromise that information. Having information like social security numbers leaked is bad enough. But what about those arrested wrongly and then released? What about juvenile records? What if all that information leaked out? There’s a reason why this information is kept private.

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