Separate, more secure Internet!

Have you ever imagined what would happen if hackers gained access to an electricity grid or a nucular power plant computer system? What if through their access they could connect with physical controls within these spaces? Experts are saying this is very possible.

After a seemingly sophisticated attack on the unfinished Iranian nuclear power program last year. A lot of people thought this is the work of a foreign agents or something a long those line. However, this was replicated recently by researches using simpler methods. “Yet for all its science fiction sophistication, key elements have now been replicated in laboratory settings by security experts with little time, money or specialized skill.” -Associated Press

That is why, there are ideas being tossed around suggesting the creation of a separate, more secure network for critical infrastructure systems.

What are the implications of such creation? and would something like that cripple technical innovation for integrating infrastructure to expanding technological systems? I am not sure but I think in the end it’s better to have a safe and sound infrastructure and think deeply about how should we move forward in a world plagued with cyber criminals.


One thought on “Separate, more secure Internet!

  1. I have a friend that works at the Ginna Nuclear Generating Station in Rochester. he says their network has no connection to the outside. It’s a private local network with no tie to the internet, they have an entirely separate network for internet access. I don’t know if that’s the case for most plants but it should be for any data that sensitive. I feel that as long as it’s bridged to the world wide web, it’s at risk.

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