Which mobile OS is most hit by malware?

Although everyone boasts about the performance of their smart phones, they regret to inform you that their smart phone may possibly be one of the most vulnerable devices on the market.  According to the article from http://www.net-security.org/malware_news.php?id=1883, ios users are the least vulnerable.

There are a surprising amount of new attacks that are used to try and harm smart phones.  So far, it seems that users with Symbian-running devices are getting hit with a bigger number of threats than those targeting other operating systems. During August, Microsoft detected around 42,000 of them.  “In the past, the main intent of Symbian-specific malware was to spread via Bluetooth and SMS (by distributing a URL leading to a copy of the malware), or to overwrite the mobile device’s system files, rendering the device unusable. However, malware on this platform seems to be evolving,” says Microsoft’s Marianne Mallen, and says that Zeus-in-the-mobile (“ZItmo”) and SpyEye-in-the-mobile (“Spitmo”) are the most recently detected and arguably the most dangerous for the user.

The Java ME platform takes second place, with nearly 24,000 threats detected in August, mostly apps sending text messages to premium rate numbers. When it comes to Android malware, the numbers are rather low when compared to those for the previous two platforms; around 2,800 hits in August.

At the end of the list are iOS and RIM. No new threats for Apple’s mobile OS have been discovered this year, and the total number of threats detected in August was around 590. RIM brings up the rear with only 5 malicious apps detected during that month, and can boast of only one completely new threat springing up for it this year: Zitmo.


2 thoughts on “Which mobile OS is most hit by malware?

  1. I would say the findings are a natural reflection of Apple’s tightly controlled echo system. As much as people bash Apple for doing this, in the end it’s giving a secure space for thier customers in this ever growing mobile world.

  2. I am not surprised that Symbian is the least secure of all since they have been too slow to update, find weaknesses or actually response on any occasion. They were among the ones to have virus and malware on the operating system and I believe Symbian developers did not do anything to secure the phones, since Symbian was an operating system that evolved on the next Nokia phone release not when it was necessary.

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