Social Engineering in Online Gaming

Judging only from my personal experiences, I think one of the top contributors to social engineering attempts is online gaming. Countless times I’d be minding my own business playing a game, when all of a sudden a person will ask all sorts of information about me. Well, I know it’s common in online gaming to ask “where from?”, but when a person starts asking you for your name, age, Facebook info, e-mail, etc., then I become suspicious. Add to that the fact that there are many hacks / programs out there allow you to retrieve IP and ISP information from others on a server, and you’ve got a problem to think about. Then add to the fact all the ports you have open either for the game or other reasons.

I’m also well aware that a lot of these people who spend all day on an online game can be creepy. Many of them awe there just to make friends, some have mental problems, and some just want to release anger… Now, I’m not one to judge a person, but it’s a catch 22 when you ignore someones perceived friendship attempts because you have no way of knowing their intentions.

What do you guys think? Just out of curiosity, have any of you gamers out there experienced first hand phishing/ social engineering attempts on the servers you play?

4 thoughts on “Social Engineering in Online Gaming

  1. That is indeed an interesting topic to see social engineers good at one of those games trying to squeeze information as you are playing your game. I believe many people would be so concentrated on their games to see anyone else exploiting an open port on their computer. I do not play any online game myself but it is funny to think about it.

  2. This is a great point. Over the years I’ve played a couple different online games and in each one I’ve always seen these social engineers or “scammers”. They try to take advantage of uneducated users for example younger kids playing online games sometimes don’t know better. They often seek out in game currency or items which can lean them to real life cash. Most games have a means for reporting these scammers but they can potential gain access to your account and even other accounts if you use the same log in and password.

  3. I have never experienced it myself but if I had I don’t see myself falling for it even before becoming aware of social engineering and phishing attempts. It would just be odd for a random person whom I don’t know to be asking about my personal info so I would most likely not give it out.

  4. I believe it can be curiosity with the intent on friendship, but only to a certain point. Obviously you shouldn’t answer if someone asks for your social security number, but there are just some questions that you are neither required nor obligated to answer. I’d personally just saw I don’t feel comfortable answering any questions you feel might be too intrusive, but you can just as easily lie or simply not answer.

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