Adobe flaws allows people to spy on you

Nearly every person on the planet uses the computer, and nearly as many use the internet on a daily basis. People are normally not aware of things that they are clicking on, or where links may lead them. This has been a security concern of people for a long time, with the fear that clicking on links will just give their computer a virus. What people don’t take into account is flash player, which seems harmless, but has the capability to access hardware on your computer
A flaw found in all versions of Adobe Flash allow an attacker to access your microphone and webcam and remotely view them. This is a form of ‘Clickjacking’, where an iframe is invisible and placed over the settings that control your webcam and microphone.
This flaw is especially easily done on Apples versions on Firefox and Safari, but is not as easily done on Microsoft machines due to CSS bugs.
These flaws were found about a week ago, so it’s possible that a fix has been released, but at the time this original post was written, they were still working on one.


3 thoughts on “Adobe flaws allows people to spy on you

  1. I found this interesting and informative. It is scary how many flaws there are over the internet and the software being used on it. This makes me wonder about security issues with Skype and other software that requires access to the webcam and microphone on a PC. Modern day Water Gate.

  2. That is crazy. It scares me to think that someone can access my webcam and microphone and spy on me. The frustrating part is how people are totally clueless about the risks and honestly why should they? Good software should give you peace of mind not make you worry all the time.

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