Bypassing an iPad 2’s Passcode Lock

Only a few weeks ago, someone posted on this blog about the top devices that pose serious security risks to companies.  On that list was Apple’s iPad, and at first I cried bloody murder.  Apple’s application store provides a unique level of security in the device’s market that the android market has yet to provide.

I thought it was ridiculous that some security blog would consider the iPad to be a major security risk (unrooted) just because of the number of corporations that used such devices. Of course, I was wrong.

Above is a video of how to bypass the passcode lock of an iPad 2 using a very simplistic ‘hack’. You only need to bring up the screen asking for the passcode, hold the lock button down until the power off screen is brought up, close the screen, and hit cancel.

Granted, this method only allows you access to the application that was previously open when the device was ‘locked’.  So this could either do no damage to the user if the user had the home screen open, or it could do horrendous damage to the user and company if the email client was open.

Apple will certainly get around to patching this security risk, but how many users won’t update to it?  How many devices could be bricked because of the update?  How many other security flaws aren’t we seeing?


4 thoughts on “Bypassing an iPad 2’s Passcode Lock

  1. I think this is a huge security risk and that it should be patched as soon as possible. I also think that apple should have a way of doing automatic updates on all of its computers/ ipads ect. They cannot rely on the common person to update because most people don’t update.

    • It was nice to see the added ability to update Apple devices from the device, but I do agree that an air update would be nice. I’m sure those who have unlocked devices would be furious though.

  2. I also read couple blogs about ipad 2s security vulnerability that arises from the smart cover. Apple better come up with better security system such as an app locker. Although available on jail broken devices I do not believe there is an app locker for regular devices.

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