How to secure your phone

We have discussed in this blog about people trying to squeeze information from end user cell phones. Since we are at an era where people use mainly their cellphones for many activities such as checking their mail, social websites, send messages and rarely talk on it, the rise on the usage of cell phones for daily activities opened a weak spot for hackers and social engineers to focus on these devices. But how can you save your cell phone from information leakage. Here is how.

First of all if you own a smart phone, you should disregard your previous knowledge on how phones are hundred percent bullet proof for hackers. You should regard security as top priority. It is not because those devices are of high value but their tendency to include more and more sensitive personal information. I will be giving you tips to secure your phone against malicious activities that target your information.

Write down your IMEI number, in case your phone gets lost having written down your IMEI number can help you find your phone back.

Enable a pin number, enable a pin number for phone access and choose a password that can not be guessed easily. This would at least delay the access to your sensitive information.

Connect to secure wireless networks, do not connect to any wireless network you find along your way since they can be set up to leech your sensitive information if not encrypted.
Use software that can remotely access and remove the information, there are various software both for iOS and Android, that can remotely log into your phone and edit the information.There are also several software that can locate your phone or lock it in case it gets lost.

Check the applications and which permissions they get, applications that seem harmless from outside might actually be giving permission for others to exploit your information. Make sure the applications you install do not give such permissions.

Back up your phone often, these days losing a phone might not cost a huge amount to you since you can actually replace your phone for a small price but losing your information can come costly. Like you should back up your computer often back your phone too.

You can also install an off market security software which come handy for several scenarios from email security to blacklisting numbers, firewalls to spam filters.They start from 13.95 $ to 39.95$. You can check the following website for non Apple phones.

and check app store for apple phones.