LA resident found guilty for bank fraud

Robert Delgado, a resident of Monterey Park, Los Angles was sentenced last Monday after pleading guilty for conspiracy to commit bank fraud. Previously on parole for identity theft, it isn’t his first offense. He was accused and found guilty of obtaining stolen credit card information and forging government issued IDs in turn, using these to buy electronics and later selling them for cash.

Apparently Police tracked Delgado’s phone using GPS technology and eventually led them to his home where they found his computer that had over 300,000 stolen identities. Robert Delgado was sentenced to 8 years with a maximum sentence of 30 years for identity theft.

8 years seems pretty minimal for a repeat offender. The article failed detail how he obtained these identities. Do you think he got off easy?

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4 thoughts on “LA resident found guilty for bank fraud

  1. I agree, 8 years is very minimum compared to the amount of damage that he could cause onto other people, whose identity he stole. Being a repeat offender, he should be imprisoned longer.

  2. 300,000 identities, I wonder if he was planning to use them all himself or if he could have possibly been selling them to others. If that was the case then he certainly deserves more then 8 years especially being a repeat offender.

  3. Good question. I find it hard to believe that 300,000 identities had any value to him. The article failed to mention how many were actually exploited. I would find it hard to believe that he used more than a small fraction of the identities that he stole.

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