Android now top mobile malware platform

Phones have become a common target for malware, and people tend to underestimate the capability of their cellphones. Android is one of the most common used OS’s for smart phones. With the wide app flexibility and distribution, an app could be easily created and distributed for android phones.

A security firm called the Kaspersky Lab has stated that among android apps, more than 46% of malicious based programs are malware based.

Last month researchers have found that the number of newly discovered malware for Android-based devices has increased by more than 30%. Throughout this month the share of Android malicious apps attemping to steal personal data went up to 34%, which also included apps distributed through the official Android Market.

Some malicous apps have been distributed through the official app store, for example Spy.AndroidOS.Antammi.b which supposedly a simple app for downloading ringtones, only to be removed after notification from Kaspersky Lab.

Spy.AndroidOS.Antammi.b was a Russian app which would allow user to buy ringtones. Unknown to users, it would steal contacts, text message logs, GPS coordinates, and photos. The information would be sent through an email messege to the perpetrators.

Despite the growing number of malware, users are unaware of their phones being infected or have any antivirus applications installed on their phones..


2 thoughts on “Android now top mobile malware platform

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  2. I’m not at all surprised as Google doesn’t have an application approval process like Apple. I believe there is a way to ‘flag’ an application but I’m curious as to how long it takes Google to respond to it.

    An alternative to using the Android Market is Amazon’s own app store. I believe they approve all applications like Apple to prevent malicious applications being installed on users devices. Do you have any suggestions on how users should spot possible malicious software? Sometimes, it isn’t clear whether an app is legitimate or not. Do you think anti-virus software helps?

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