How often Facebook is attacked and how effective hackers are

A recent UK article has estimated that Facebook gets about 600,000 attacks daily by hackers all over the world. They do it by gaining/stealing user names and passwords. They then use these to log onto the victim’s account and sending malicious links to their friends, family, and coworkers. And usually after that, they get even more accounts to hack into because the friends, family, or coworkers had given the hacker even more accounts to hack into. Hackers also try brute forcing into accounts as well, finding out a person’s username and trying thousands of different passwords to break into their account as proven successful apparently. Another way hackers gain even more information is by phishing; if they find out someone’s email, they can send that person several phishing emails to try to get the victim to provide the hacker with their Facebook credentials.

Even Facebook’s newest security technique “Trusted Friends” password restoration is failing to hackers. This security feature makes users identify their friends rather than asking them personal questions when they log-on from a new device, but even this technique seems to be flawed. “Many of the hackers are caught out by additional authentication questions, such as asking users to identify friends in pictures, but many attempts are [still] successful.”

But while Facebook is getting pounded thousands of attacks daily, this gives us something to be proud of. The fact that we are able to stop at least 600,000 attacks against Facebook accounts is still somewhat impressive because if hackers were successfully hacking that many account daily, the Facebook community would have died out a long time ago. So, obviously, Facebook and other security companies are doing something right.


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  1. It all depends on the perspective, if one would like to see it half empty one might say that facebook hackers consist your seven year old neighbor who just learned the alphabet. Ther have been certain fairly successfull attempts that have injected some statements until facebook noticed but nothing major like hijacking thousands of accounts.

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