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The article I found discussed the fact that Facebook has now just released new security features to help its users that are affected by computer hackers. Most of the time when a person’s Facebook account becomes hacked they are unable to gain access to their account, because most times the hacker will change their account password. These new security features will help them be able to gain access back into their Facebook account even after their password is changed. With this new feature you are able to select up to five of your Facebook friends that will actually help you gain access into your hacked account. For example, Facebook will send secret codes to the friends you have selected who will then give those codes to you so you will then have access to your account. In my opinion though, I believe that this new security feature will probably not be a very good idea, because you will then also have to be very trusting of those friends you selected that they are not going to give your Facebook code to anyone else and then you won’t be able to gain access into your account.


5 thoughts on “New Facebook security features

  1. Yea, I think that’s alittle risky.. How do they verify that your friends aren’t submitting your account as stolen, just if they wanted to get access..

  2. Yeah, because for me personally I would have a have a hard time trusting other people with those secrets codes, because I really wouldn’t want anyone else gaining access to my account. Also, it it would be very easy for one of your facebook friends to just hack into you account and then your account would no longer be safe or secure.

  3. @drh9473 @sturtevantalicia So how does a major website like Facebook deal with automated account hijackings? For the sake of argument, let’s divide the possible solutions into two camps: one set of solutions are totally automated, and the second involves a real, live human being.

    If you rely on an automated solution such as “answer the secret question” prompts, you run into two problems. Firstly, not everyone has configured answers to these questions, and they’re also pretty easy to forget. Secondly, the exact same hacker who just broke into your facebook account using an _automated_ attack will likely be pretty good at attacking yet another _automated_ mechanism.

    The solution Facebook has come up with is pretty ingenious, because it avoid all of the problems mentioned above. Just about everyone on facebook has a decently large social network already (thus, there is no need to configure the recovery mechanism. it’s built in). It’s pretty hard to forget who your friends are. And your friends are _not_ automated; they can make a judgement call about whether to help you log back into your account.

    I think this method has promise.

  4. The way I understood the description of this new security method is that you will need all the friends who were given passwords to once again gain access to your account. If that is the case, then unless all of the friends conspire against you, even if one of them gave away a password it’s not like someone else could take over your account because they would still need the other passwords. Also, I would think that a good percentage of the people who are your “friends” on facebook are people you know and have personal relationships with, so it isn’t as if you would be giving these passes to random people who you have little to no trust in.

  5. @ichimonji10 @ asheber792 , I can definitely see where the two of you are both coming from on this issue, because yes if you should be fairly trusting of the friends that you are willing to give them your pass code. I mean yes this could potentially be a good solution to help Facebook users that deal with their accounts being attacked, but I think that with every other solution out there, there is still going to be some risk that goes into this.

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