Hackers 101

I came across this article on the “How Stuff Works” website. It has a lot to do with many of the things we talked about in class. Not a lot more in depth but still it ties things together nicely for anyone that still could use a simple smooth overview.

It goes more into detail about hackers themselves however; history, culture, motivation and things like that. It even has a part about the problems hackers have with the law…or perhaps more accurately the problems the law has with them.

The reasons why I included the article however were the videos that were good to watch, the links to various hacker websites and there was even a simple short quiz at the end regarding computer security. For you more advanced about hackers and computer security the article might seem simplistic but the links were somewhat interesting, including one called “Could hackers devastate the U.S. economy?” ; if you are like me you will end up clicking on links till you look at the clock and realize you need to get to bed.

For those of you that could use a quick overview of many of the things we’ve covered n class there are links at the end that you might find helpful about things like phishing, types of viruses and encryption.

I hope some of you find this helpful.