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Considering the topic of our newest group project I thought that this article would be perfect to write about. Recently i read an article about how so many posts on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are malicious. It is said that one in 100 tweets today are malicious and one in 60 Facebook posts are also. People have been confessiong that they feel unsafe on psites such as facebook and twitter and even a moderate percent of people feel unsafe on LinkedIn. It goes on to talk about how these things can be a danger to businesses because of the use of these sites in the workplace.

The article lists some of the latest Barracuda statistics:

– LinkedIn is the least-blocked social network by enterprises, with only 20 percent of organizations preventing their employees from using LinkedIn from work. That in contrast to Twitter (25 percent); Google+ (24 percent); and Facebook (31 percent).

-most users say the important factors to consider when joining a social network are security (92 percent), that their friends use it (91 percent), privacy (90 percent), and ease of use (87 percent

– More than 90 percent have received spam over a social network, and more than half have experienced phishing attacks

– More than 20 percent have received malware, 16.6 have had their account used for spamming, and about 13 percent have had their account hijacked or their password stolen

-43 percent of Twitter accounts as “true users” with real followers and regular tweets, and 57 percent as “not true users” — either spam bots or inactive accounts

– measured search malware on Google, Bing, Twitter, and Yahoo over a 153-day period and found 34,627 malware samples, with one in 1,000 search results leading to malware

– one in five search topics lead to malware, with “music + video” containing the most malicious links. The number two search term leading to malware: <=”” i=””>’s “JenniJ-Woww,” with 17 percent of the malicious search results.


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  1. I think one of the reasons there are so many social attacks is people know you can’t see them and they can use a fake user name. People do a lot of hateful things when they think they can’t be found out.

    • i agree anonymity plays a huge roll in these occurrences. You can’t tell who it really is and people are easily fooled.

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