Flash Cards in Phones

Many phones don’t have encryption software or specific flash chip protection. In my opinion this is a huge blunder in an age where storage requirements is constantly increasing. People can store pictures, documents, even excel and word files in these flash chips often times with sensitive information. If you get your phone stolen, a small subset of phones actually have the capability to be wiped remotely, and a lot of those that do, you can’t wipe the flash memory. Flash chips are plug and play, you don’t even need any technical ability to to abuse someone else’s information. This is one of the reasons I like the iPhone, sometimes it’s convenient to have everything locked down and no capability for extra flash memory. In many ways it’s more secure because you can just wipe it remotely and not worry about someone taking out the flash memory and viewing all the documents. The cloud is also very attractive because of this reason, physical storage is susceptible to crooks that are often just after the hardware… But to you and I the data is probably more valuable.