Anonymous doxes Bank of America CEO

The hacking ring Anonymous recently hacked into the bank of America CEOs personal information and his wives information and published  it on its blog the main drive for this was the occupy wall street  movement.  There are others in this attack but the site was shut down.


3 thoughts on “Anonymous doxes Bank of America CEO

  1. Latley anonymous have been targeting other high-ranking bank officials in hacking attempts. For example they recently posted the personal information of CitiGroup’s CEO, Vikram Pandit, including his cell phone number, his wife’s full name, his address, among other personal data.

    I think in terms of getting attention they are being very successfull. Although I dont believe that these actions are really justified. Once the information is posted its always going to be out there regardless if the original site it was posted on was shut down.

  2. I am with you on that one. Whats the point in publicizing information about someone’s private life. I mean i can so of get it if they were doing it because of some sordid background that would deem him unable to head the company. If you are going to do something at least make it worth while.

  3. Bank CEOs aren’t the only people this “movement” is attacking (I call it a movement because I don’t believe there is any sort of hierarchy or formal organization). A part of Anonymous is threatening to release a list of public and government officials who are “on-the-take” from Mexican drug cartels. Although this is a noble cause (to highlight corrupt officials), this could back-fire on the members of Anonymous because the drug cartels have been known to kill informants who post such things on-line. We shall see how this works out when an activist group takes on a violent drug cartel.

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