Facebook sees 600,000 compromised logins per day—0.06% of all logins

Facebook released information about how many breaches of personal Facebook accounts are broken into in a 24 hour time period; it’s about 600,000 that’s one every 140 milliseconds. Facebook clams they have 750 active users every day. I believe this is a huge issue because there is such an understanding in the security field on computers for the average person. I think Facebook should enforce passwords being changed at least two times a month and then making it so that applications like games on their Facebook website should be governed by Facebook to there is total control





3 thoughts on “Facebook sees 600,000 compromised logins per day—0.06% of all logins

  1. Yea, they should have mandatory password changes monthly, but I think most end users prefer convenience over their security and believe it is Facebook’s responsibility to protect their account security.

  2. I’m sure you meant to say 750 million active users but yes i agree that Facebook should require mandatory password changes every two months or even every year. It couldn’t hurt if they protect their users just a little bit. These annoying 3rd party apps on Facebook have access to your account when you allow them to post to your wall. Although users are usually prompted to allow or prevent these apps to take control of your profile, I feel like Facebook should review each app to see which apps could be malicious.

  3. It is still stupid users allowing anything and everything to access their accounts. And Facebook is never going to make users change their passwords twice a month or even every month. That would piss off untold amounts of people.

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