Google StreetView Now Inside Buildings

Google Streetview has become a common tool for users to get directions, view 360 degree images of locations instantly on the computer.

A new feature that will be expanded on Google Streetview is the ability to navigate a virtual tour inside buildings. Some locations have already photographed their store, and their business locations are available to preview on Google.

I believe that this is a good feature for business’s to attract customers. My first thought when I read this article was that it was a privacy risk, but  it looks like Google is taking appropriate actions to help protect bystanders privacy, and that of the business’s as well. Participation to be on Google’s new Streetview is entirely voluntary, and focuses on businesses such as restaurants, hotels, shops and gyms, and excludes private residences and locations such as hospitals. The business owners have to submit an application before having their business become available for a virtual tour.

I think it will be interesting to see how this new feature adapts with the general public, and what new features will change with Streetview in the future. When this new feature becomes a common necessity among businesses, it may have people wanting to put their house or apartment on StreetView also.



7 thoughts on “Google StreetView Now Inside Buildings

  1. This is by far the coolest thing since Google street view. I feel like next google is going to be taking 360 degree shots of people’s homes. Although I’m sure every business google takes a picture of has the decision to not all Google take their 360 picture. Even though Google is taking the appropriate actions, do you think Google is going too far by entering buildings?

    • If it is a business I don’t think this going too far. Plus they have to consent. Going inside someone’s home would be way too far I think even if they consented.

  2. I thought a while back that google would probably do something like this. Wasn’t sure if they would do it under some new name though or through StreetView. Security is definatley a must, so I’m glad to see they are requiring applications for this. As far as peoples homes, it would only make sense with homes for sale, but most realtors already post pictures of houses up for sale on their sites.

  3. Sure its cool but as with everything people will find way around the security precautions. I have a feeling we are going to be hearing a lot about this new feature in the near future. It is going to be one of those features that people will either love or hate. I guess we will wait and see what happens.

  4. I believe this does not pose more dangers than Google Earth itself. Seems like a pretty neat feature that can create a lot of interaction for small scale businesses if not dominated by the monopolies.

  5. Google will still face some challenges unfortunately. I think people also cross the line sometime about their privacy and make such a big deal of it just to make some noise.

  6. I think this is an interesting feature and isn’t really much of a cause for worry until it somehow starts showing the inside of peoples homes rather than just the inside of a business.

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