r privacy flaw found in Dolphin HD browser for Android

The current HD browser for the android which is third party software has a new security flaw that needs to be taken care of because of the use of online banking and the amount of personal data people use on their phones. The article talks about how every url loaded is relayed as plane text to a remote server and its shows a packet sniffer that demonstrates the issue. Dolphin made a statement saying that they relay it to make sure that the web can be viewed on their Mobil unit. And they also disabled the feature it kind of seems fishy to me.


4 thoughts on “r privacy flaw found in Dolphin HD browser for Android

  1. I believe what they are saying about sending the URL’s to a remote web server. But what is there to say that they can’t use the URL’s for something else because of the packet sniffer? Someone can easily use that sniffer to find out the username, passwords, any numbers entered for bank accounts credit cards etc.

    • A packet sniffer could get that stuff if it was unsecured. But right now the sniffer would only see where your going, which really with a packet sniffer on your local machine or network they would see where your going even without the dolphin HD browser.

  2. I wonder if in the terms of use people unknowing consented to this being done. Not this would justify what they were doing, however it is something to think about, considering it may have been in front of us all along. It is interesting though nobody is up in arms against Opera which redirect much of its traffic through its servers under the auspices of a program called Opera Turbo. It would probably not be a stretch to assume that they gain some level of analytics from this.

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