Sensitive Student Information leaked

Google’s new implementations on search results, lead to a scandal, effects yet unknown.

Even universities that has such reputations can face problems regarding their and their members security. An ivy league college and one of the most prominent  one Yale University, has been the talk of technology spheres because of a great negligence. According to reports names, social security numbers and other sensitive information of 43 thousand students were leaked to anyone who has internet access for roughly 10 months. This fact alarmed university authorities.

According to Yale Daily News, these sensitive information was being stored at FTP servers that also stored open source information. When Google included FTP servers in their search results, information of these students leaked to Google for everyone to see. There are rumors that people searching others to check their Facebook account on Google were able to reach sensitive information such as contact information, social security numbers and other information. It is rather hard to understand the density of the problem yet, Yale authorities are not sure whether these information has been abused. Yale also created a program with credit card companies through which students can monitor their credit card usage which would alarm users but whether this precaution would be enough or not depends on the conscience of the hackers.


6 thoughts on “Sensitive Student Information leaked

  1. I wonder if any of it was even encrypted, or if it was all in plain text.. It just goes to show not to assume that personal information may be secure, even with a well reputable place..

  2. This wasn’t Google’s fault at all, That is all Yale’s incompetence. That really surprises me that they could be that stupid to put all that info on an FTP server where anyone can get at it.

    • Although I can’t say Google has been implementing stable measures for their changes and updates, it is indeed Yale’s fault not to take the necessary precautions.

  3. It happens often with institutions which consider themselves too sacred and untouchable. Security is for everyone and if you don’t monitor and keep up to date it will catch up with you. In a way its a good thing it happen to Yale because now people know the threat is real and it can happen to anyone.

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