Anti-Virus webpages actually a virus?

How can you really be sure that a webpage does not carry any viruses? The truth is you cannot. We can find out how other users feel about the security of a website using google’s resources (a tool that allows people to rate websites for their security). You can use https instead of http, and look at the url for disrepancies. You can even look at certain websites and judge if they hide viruses or not. But it is impossible to be completely safe from viruses on the internet.

In 2008, Trendmicro (an anti-virus provider) had a virus named “JS_DLOADER.TZE” on one of their information pages. Apparently a hacker made his way into this page and planted the virus on the page. The virus was planted using SQL injection on web applications on the site’s Virus Information Page (read more here I hope its not a virus)

Even anti-virus pages are not safe from viruses. Not to mention anti-virus programs that ARE actually viruses. Even your website could have an unwelcome parasite. Is there a way to be safer on the internet? Now is the best time to start being safe and secure, protecting yourself from threats to you and more importantly your information.


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