10 Security Issues commonly overlooked

According to a http://www.techrepublic.com blog, there are 10 security issues that system admins may not even know about.

1)Employees. This, to a point, I find hard to believe this could be overlooked. I may be hard to catch an employee in the act, but generally I think it is assumed employees may, at some point, have some malicious intent. Tight internal security is a must.

2)Common coding mistakes. A mistake in coding may lead to potential attacks. Most common are SQL injections. According to the blog (by Justin James), WordPress is a good example of  a website that one would assume is trustworthy but contains security issues.

3)Unauthorized machines. Bringing an outside PC into a network infrastructure to do a task, that the current infrastructure doesn’t allow them to do. James says the best way to avoid this is with “igorous IP address audits and policies”. Obviously, if a computer cannot get an IP then they can’t do much damage.

4)Ancient “rock solid” servers. These are the servers that are really old and seem to have been built to last. They haven’t failed yet, so why replace them? Sounds reasonable, but the problem is theses servers are so old they probably aren’t getting new updates and/or patches. This leaves them very open and vulnerable to attacks.

5)Legacy applications. James states many of these applications make the system vulnerable because many times they don”t have the current update version and/or they are discontinued.

6)Local admins. When certain people are given local admin permissions when they probably shouldn’t have them. Many times people can get said permissions on accident, so James states it is best to reset the list of admin permissions regularly.

7)Incorrect share/file permissions.  It’s very important to makes sure sensitive documents are not available to be viewed by everyone. Without strict measures anyone can view potentially sensitive information.

8) Hidden servers within applications. These may be installed without any knowledge, but must be carefully monitored. They must be monitored to ensure they are secured properly

9)VPN clients. With a VPN, they must constantly monitor who is logging onto the network and compare them to the list of authorized system to ensure no unauthorized machines are logging onto the network.

10)Disabled security software. People sometimes try to circumvent security software (anonymizers, for example). They may think they are “too smart” to create a security issue and/or leak, but often times it doesn’t depend on he/she making a mistake.

So these are Justin James’ top ten overlooked security issues. Which do you think are the most important out of these?



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