CIA Social Networking Spying

Apparently the CIA has established facilities in Virginia for the purpose of social networking spying. According to US law, its illegal for the US government to spy on tweets, Facebook messages, and emails without a search warrant however they can spy on non US citizens for intelligence gathering.

U.S. citizens are reassured that they aren’t being spied on and although its possible that they could be, however there is no way to prove the CIA is doing such activities.

Information that is gathered is used for such things as counter terrorism and is provided to the highest levels at the White House. Also its said they monitor public opinion about matters around the world. In the article I read, negative reactions to the death of bin Laden was used as an example of some public opinions that had previously been monitored.

Its mentioned how companies like Google and Facebook have become powerful spying tools because of the vast amount of user data. Without a doubt the CIA has established important relationships with these companies that in turn can be used for information gathering. I believe its also been reported that the CIA is one of the top investors in the CIA.

This brings up the important issue of privacy and whether giving up some privacy rights will benefit the greater good. Is it worth giving up some privacy rights for the sole purpose of protecting national security? Do you think social networking spying is necessary and justified? What are your thoughts on this?

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2 thoughts on “CIA Social Networking Spying

  1. At this point if someone wants privacy I think they should know better than to be on Facebook or twitter, etc…Do I think its right to spy on US citizens on social networks….no. Do I think spying on non-US citizens is alright…maybe. I guess my question is where is the line drawn. Is a student from another country at RIT considered fair game? Then more than likely they would have many US citizens as friends. Does the CIA ignore things posted on those profiles by non-US citizens? I mean if they can legally look at that, then what prevents them from looking at everything else on the US citizens page? That’s just one scenario…there are many more for sure.
    Overall I say yes…spy on the non-US citizens. Actually now that I think of it, spy on everyone. Frankly I hesitate to call it spying if it’s on a social networking site anyhow. I think most people would just be happy to have another follower.

  2. Your absolutely right. People may justify social networking spying for national security however where is the line drawn? I think at this point most tech savvy people are aware that this type of ‘spying’ activity happens. If you have something to hide- don’t post it online because you don’t know who may find it.

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