Hackers Attack OWS Exposed

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Exposed is a blog that is a collection of news from Occupy Wall Street and it was the target of a cyber attack.  The owner of the site discovered malicious code that was inserted into the website’s infrastructure.  The president of the Minnesota Majority group, Jeff Davis said that someone had found a back door to the website and just planted PHP scripts.  The people at OWS exposed spent 24 hours fixing the site and getting it to be stable.  I guess that whoever attacked the website used DDoS attacks which is used by the hacktivist group, Anonymous and the code that was inserted attacked a vulnerability in one of the widgets on the site and the hackers took advantage of it and attacked the site.



2 thoughts on “Hackers Attack OWS Exposed

  1. I am guessing they chose it since a lot of people are interested in the “movement” and since it is a smaller site most likely had less security than a bigger target. Lots of fresh eyes on an easy target.

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