Identity Theft


Identity theft is a problem that has existed for a while and is becoming increasingly worse.  People are being impersonated by others who are stealing personal information from them and the primary reason behind it is to gain profit.  These criminals figure that instead of stealing your money, they can use your identity to get credit cards, make charges to the cards and then just get rid of them when they are finished.  People used to break into houses to try and find personal information about an individual in order to “steal” their identity, but now it is much easier for hackers to go and find information online.  It is allowing them to reach a wider population and so more and more people are being affected by identity theft.  Today more and more personal information is becoming available online and it is just making it easier for hackers to find your information and use it to impersonate you.  There are programs like Zeus that hackers are using to infect your computer and steal information like credit card numbers and documents with important/personal information.  People need to start being less careless and trusting with their personal information and start trying to be more secure.


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  1. I wonder what the demographic of those being the victims of identity theft are. I would guess mostly elderly and/or those relatively computer illiterate.

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