Students Change Grades

At Golden High School in Colorado there were a group of students who hacked into the school’s computer system and changed grades for themselves and also some other students.  The investigators thought that maybe the students hacked into the campus portal system, which is used to view grades, schedules, and attendance.  They do not know for sure how many grades were changed, but they estimated that anywhere between 15 and 200 students had their grades changed.  The teachers used their computers to store the students’ grades and they didn’t use grade books so now they are unsure of who has the correct grade.  The teachers are having the students bring in any homework, tests, quizzes, notebooks so that they can try to fix the grades which is inconvenient for everyone.  Some students probably won’t end up receiving the correct grade if they lost any of their work and even at the end of the article it says “Golden students say they wonder if they can have confidence in their grades.”  No information was released on how many students were involved or how they were able to hack into the computer system, but the superintendent said that once her staff finds out how it happened, the security of the network will be increased.


4 thoughts on “Students Change Grades

  1. Nope. I don’t think they ever ended up releasing any information about who was involved or how they did it, but I’m assuming that maybe someone knew who did it and told administration.

  2. It just goes to show that having hard copies of grades is still valuable these days. I remember a teacher I had in high school made sure that they had a hard copy of their grades, instead of just using the grading software that many did. Not a bad idea, since students tempting to break into a teachers home is very unlikely.

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