So, in class we’ve been talking about privacy, and how it no longer exists on the internet. Most of us use Facebook on the internet, correct? Well, how many of you have have used any of the apps on Facebook? Did you know that those apps have access to everything on your Facebook: friends, pictures, information you post on Facebook, like the town you live in, you’re relationship status, ect…

We watched a video in class about the Facebook stalker. It was kind of a spoof; what if it actually happened? Does your Facebook have the least amount of information on it about you?

With this app on Facebook, it shows exactly what would happen if there were someone looking at your Facebook; in fact if they gained access to it. is a really scary application that makes you as a Facebook user re-think every thing you put on Facebook, or any social media website for that matter.

The fact that our generation doesn’t view anything as private anymore is really scary. People put up their address on Facebook and then they do not have their privacy settings so that only friends can see their information. But really, what is the definition of ‘Friend’ on Facebook? Is it someone that your just clicked a button and suddenly you have access to their page of pictures and their wall? Or is it some one that you’d trust to save your life if it had to be done?

Basically, in this day in age, the stuff you can find on the internet is so much different then the stuff that you had to actually look up in books years ago. The internet has made it so much easier to get information at your fingertips. Do you trust people with your information not to abuse it?


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  1. Facebook should have a mandatory privacy and information security app that lets them know about the things in this post. If less people were silly about putting themselves on the internet we could actually do a lot (less crime is one possible effect of safeguarding information, there could be a lot of problems fixed).

  2. However, Facebook does give you the option of not letting the application access your information. When you add an application, Facebook asks your permission to gain access to your wall, pictures ect. It clearly tell the person loading the application what it will be accessing. however because no one ever reads that, no one really remembers what that application accesses. So, if they don’t put up anything they don’t want told to their mother then they will be safe.

  3. I think they should teach the kids about the potential pitfalls of social media at the beginning of Jr High. Many children have access to the internet around that time, and they are becoming more socially active. I know that RIT offered an orientation briefing about social media (and its pitfalls) during the transfer open house. Unfortunately, that is too late as many kids already have years of unflattering information out on social networks before they get to college. Teach the kids when they are young and before they get too attached to the apparent thrill of social media.

  4. I think that high schools should have a mandatory class as well. That is to say that the kids take that class understand fully what the consequences are if they were to put up certain information. But i totally agree with the teaching them at a young age.

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