Another certificate authority hacked

Not long ago the Dutch company Diginotar was hacked causing that company to lose countless customers eventually forcing them into bankruptcy. The company that picked up most of that business was another Dutch company KPN. Today KPN announced that they have been hacked also and possibly have had issues as far back as four years ago. KPN has begun an internal investigation and replaced all it’s servers.

Although there is no evidence of any fake certificates being issued according to reports at least six certificate authorities have been compromised this year alone.

Here is today’s article.;selector-blogs


One thought on “Another certificate authority hacked

  1. Sounds like someone is out with a specific target, or the system as a whole is worthwhile.
    I’d have to say, if you wanted to cause serious issues for a large group of people, targeting these companies would be the way to do it. It would affect not just one company, but numerous. Clearly, this is a very dangerous thing.

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