Cloud storage and the new realities for IT departments

IT departments love control and for a good reason. Security is a major concern for large corporations with thousands of employees, but even a small business like your local bakery also wants to be protected from cyber crimes.

The challenge is a lot of people are switching to a new breed of web applications like dropbox and which are very easy to use. Employees already use these tools at home for their everyday lives and they love it, so why not at work!

The problem is security and lack of control over these application. IT departments need the ability to tackle issues and attacks in real time and depending on a service such as Dropbox might not be their ideal solution.

Dropbox and other services are noticing the trend and started offering business packages and more control for teams.

To me the main thing to understand here, is the power of good design and development. People use applications like Dropbox because they are so easy to use and there are no crazy setup preferences to make you call a younger son or daughter to teach you how to do something.



7 thoughts on “Cloud storage and the new realities for IT departments

  1. I agree with this post because we all need security. Any application or web service needs some kind of security or a boost in security because the reliability and reputation of that service is at stake if they ever become vulnerable.

  2. Dropbox is an excellent application, I use it personally and it helps a lot. It does leave the security up to the website that holds it though, instead of the end user.

    • I guess that is ultimately where the discussion goes. Where should control be placed but I personally think businesses should take the lead vs the users.

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