Cyber Attack Effects

When it comes to cyber attacks, no matter the purpose behind the attack, it always seems to cause harm.  As we have found, attacks can be perpetrated for a number of reasons, some meant to be harmful and some not particularly so.  However, whichever the case the victims of the attack tend to be harmed regardless. For example, the sportswear company  Adidas website suffered an attack by unknown forces, this was discovered on Thursday.  Currently investigation of this incident is going on and they have not found that any consumer data has been impacted. Despite this they have shutdown the site  and will keep it this way until the investigation is complete and all problems are resolved.  So in the end, although the attack itself may have not done any particularly harm it has caused the site to be shutdown which will affect the company anyway.

Adidas attack info:


2 thoughts on “Cyber Attack Effects

  1. That could have been the intent behind the attack. Getting a site to shut itself down is damaging, and is a viable goal. It could just be malicious intent toward the company, caring less about personal gain or getting anything out of their customers.

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