Cyber-espionage attempts on US businesses on the rise

Cyber-espionage attempts on US businesses to gain business secretes and industrial secretes are on the rise. The source of these attacks come mainly from China and Russia. The report projects that China and Russia will “remain aggressive and capable collectors of sensitive US economic information and technologies, particularly in cyberspace.”

“National boundaries will deter economic espionage less than ever as more business is conducted from wherever workers can access the Internet,” the report states. “The globalization of the supply chain for new—and increasingly interconnected—IT products will offer more opportunities for malicious actors to compromise the integrity and security of
these devices.”

The biannual report is mandated by a provision of the 1995 law funding US intelligence organizations. But this edition is the first to focus heavily on cyber-espionage, reflecting how most critical data now passes over networks.

This is really troubling, since I think many of the US’s biggest assets are its Intellectual Property and industrial secretes. We can not let anyone just steal it from us.



3 thoughts on “Cyber-espionage attempts on US businesses on the rise

  1. A war with China would be uncomprehendable. Its scary to think that they might gain a reason from internet hacking. Compromised industrial secrets could be a pretty big deal (not that war has to happen but its definaly intimidating).

  2. Very interesting post. It reminds me of several articles I have read over the last few years basically stating that the stage of World War 3 will be on an economic front. Like you said in your summery the US has much of its financial power in our big companies…as do most capital based societies. If we aren’t properly prepared, a halfway decently organized attack could do significant long term damage to our economy. For those of you that doubt that, I’m not the only one who sees things this way. Here is an article I read a while ago that might open some eyes.
    Good post

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