Cyber Spying

We love and hate china all at the same time. Why? Obviously, we hate their communist government but we love their cheap labor and market potential. So like any other troubled couples, the United States and China have their fights.

Some times we accuse China of lowering its currency and jeopardizing our competitive edge, but this time the accusations went to cyber space.

According to Reuters: “The U.S. intelligence report said on Thursday China and Russia are using cyber espionage to steal U.S. trade and technology secrets to bolster their own economic development, which poses a threat to U.S. prosperity and security.”

Obviously china denied any wrong doing and accused the United States of being irresponsible. An expected move from our friendly giant from the east.

The real issue is, why its so easy for foreign agents to infiltrate the U.S. networks and what should we do about it?

Is it even possible to create a network that is 100% resistible to hackers attacks? Should the United States counter attack with its own cyber army of computer programmers?

A lot of questions that makes us wonder, where is the world going and could the next big war be over a cyber attack?


4 thoughts on “Cyber Spying

  1. I would believe it. From what I’ve read and heard, China has dealt with a lot of shady tactics to try and improve their economy.

  2. The internet being used as a tool of war. It’s not like we can make everything perfectly safe, especially with the net being used. I wonder how they will react to what they find.

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