Focusing on new technologies instead of security threats

I have a question to ask most companies today.  Why do you lack in security?  With the ever expanding market of technology comes responsibility to keep your users and employees safe from outside attackers.  Many companies are expanding on their security departments, funding, and creating new and updated security policies for their emplyees to follow.  “The best-protected companies are those that are proactive, detecting and managing minor issues before they become major incidents, and for many companies, this means the current mind-set needs to change from a focus on short-term fixes to a holistic, strategic approach” said Bernie Wedge, Americas Information Technology Risk and Assurance leader at Ernst & Young LLP

Securing cloud computing is expected to be a pretty big topic by big businesses for the upcoming year.  A study found that while 80% of organizations currently are using or considering using mobile tablets and 61% are using or considering the use of cloud computing services within the next year, the threat of security breaches has become an after-thought as companies adapt to the rapidly changing landscape.  The survey of 1700 organizations around the world in more than 25 sectors also found that cloud computing is the top security funding priority for the next year.  Although not many companies that took part in the study (1700 to be exact) are planning on using cloud computing, there are enough companies out there that are taking part in the ongoing fight against information security and protecting the cloud.



2 thoughts on “Focusing on new technologies instead of security threats

  1. You bring up a good point. Also, I think companies especially smaller ones, are naive in that they don’t believe anything will happen to them (security wise). Even though companies may have low budgets, I believe its an excuse for not spending resources properly.

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